Project Details

Client: 47 Street

Project Description

“I Love your 47Street Look” is an APP that was designed to complete the creative and strategic plan we developed for 47 Street. The main idea was to create a Contest were the clients could become part of the identity of the Brand. 47Street was interested in increasing their Facebook Fan Base, and we thought a plan, that included searching for Fans and Brand Lovers, outside the digital World. The APP allowed people to take a picture and posted it in the Facebook Wall of the Brand. The fun part, was that the APP was installed in the Brand´s stores, and most of the clients dropped by and took a picture. Each user could become the winner of this contest if they got the most numbers of Likes on his picture. Viral, Addictive and simple, the plan worked to perfection and the brand surpassed the Millon Fan limit in no-time.